Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update On Comments, Etc.

Hi everyone. Fab started pulling down comments about ten days ago from one fairly recent visitor to the site, and after this person called a community member a cunt last week, I thought that this person had overstayed the welcome as well. (Oh, and he'd done way more than the one bad offense. Anyone reading for the past few weeks could point to a dozen violations of the misery rules.)

He'd been borderline for a while, making enough ordinary (yet still stupid) comments to sorta stay within reason, but he's remarkably clueless and never picked up on the fact that we were going to let him stay if he'd behave just a little fucking bit!

So I guess he finally noticed and then started spamming a couple of older posts today, filling some pages with dots, etc. So I've been taking him down when he appears.

I'll miss some of course; nobody's watching over the page since Fab went on hiatus. Shit. I can't even find the hide-a-key Fab left for us. I had to break out the french doors that lead from the pool deck to get in here. (What is this smell?)

Anyway, bear with us during the trying, just kidding.

But bear with us anyway while Junior throws his shit fit.

Leslie K


  1. Thanks, Leslie K.

    What a shitty, immature thing to do. He just continues to show why we hate the snowflakes so fucking much.

    I hope you can block his ISP or something. Being part of a community doesn't mean being a troll.

  2. What a pain in the ass. Thanks for taking care of things.

  3. Thanks, Leslie (and Fab, too)--I tried to give that asshole the benefit of the doubt, but when I saw the cunt comment I'll admit to hoping that would be enough to get his ass banned.

    Fucktards not welcome here. We come here to get away from them.

    You and Fab and Cal are all awesome and I hope you have time for many beers and much laughing.

    1. Are we talking about SS? I saw him use that word but I think it was last week.

  4. Glad I missed it. It's excellent to have admins who you can trust to take no shit.

  5. I don't understand people.

    Hi again to Leslie K! I am so grateful that the page will continue have so much "feminine energy," just as Strelnikov noted once about Fab's regime!! :)

  6. I'm not sorry I missed the comment. Seeing it might have caused me to ignore my rule about not responding to idiots online. I do let comments sit for a minute before I publish, so that I can delete and not give them the reactions they're looking for, but it would have been hard.

    Kudos to the administrators. I'd have my Significant Professor make you a pound cake if I could find a way to get it to you.

  7. Whoah. Didn't see the cunt comment, which is probably for the best - thanks for your swift work on this.

  8. Fab said I could sleep on the sofa ... you know ... just during the summer ... I know where the key is so I'll let myself in.

  9. Thanks for coping with it all, Leslie (and Cal and Fab). I'm all for fostering a variety of viewpoints and helping bring up the young 'uns and all that, but the boundary-testing does get tiring after a while, and calling a participant in the conversation a "cunt" is definitely well over the line.


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