Sunday, May 20, 2012

Having a moment ....

OK ... I know we're supposed to share "yer pain".
And, I'm aware the name of the blog is College Misery ...

BUT ... I'm having a rare "life doesn't (totally) suck" moment.

Yes, I did just get a letter today from the IRS about that "little" amount I owe them.

And, earlier, I did have to address an online student's stunningly misinformed comprehension of wombat emotional health.

But ... right now, I'm on my back porch, basking in a cool evening breeze (after a pleasantly warm day). I'm grilling a nice piece of meat, with a decent adult beverage in my hand. My SO is watching the mini miscreants riding their bikes on a fortunate cul-de-sac (city maintained) adjacent to our little plot of land which (unusually) abuts to the rear, not the back of the adjacent street, but a strip of trees.

Yeah, if you walk through the house you will sense it was bought on a post-grad school shoestring, constructed by architecture school dropouts, and the street looks like Archie Bunker's neighborhood - but I'm on my back porch ...dammit!

And at midnight tonight the second-to-last week of a quarter will end, so a crap pile of final papers (or lame ass excuses) will be overflowing my in box tomorrow morning ...

OK ... cool breeze ... grilling ... (now more) adult beverage ... (clinging to) ahh, the moment.


  1. You're in denial. Those trees? They're gonna be cut down and a frat house built right up against your back yard.

    Just sayin'. Don't harm the messenger!

    1. Hear what yer sayin' AdSlave, but a particular fuel for the joy of the moment is that I have been eking out a living as an online adjunct.

      So, no frat house will ever take my trees because I don't actually live near my employer(s) and my students only have access to a Google voice number and the knowledge that I live some distance from any major urban center in one of the largest US states.

      I do concede, sadly, that there are some wannabe rednecky types who group rent a couple houses on the street, which is why I spend as much time on the back deck and try to pretend they aren't out front trying to one up each other on their varied motorized phallic extensions.

  2. :-) Next time invite me over! Just one more week of obligation - then summer!


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