Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Apple Patents Basket-Weaving 'Bots

The Interwebs doesn't
know I'm a pig.
Better begin working on a different emploi de guerre.  Apple has patented a 'bot that convinces the Web you are interested in Basket-Weaving, and not whatever else you are interested in.

Or, We should file a lawsuit, since the four of us have been using 'bots to generate basket-weaving material for a couple years now.  It's hard to do all this work and still have time to clean the compound from the party last week.

The Flava:
"...for example, the cloning service may process an area of interest that is divergent from that of the principal such as an interest in basket weaving. This particular interest may be associated with its own lexicon and actions associated with particular Internet websites, products, services, and/or books. Actions may be defined that permit the cloning service to appear to be the principal [real person] and visit specific basket weaving websites, issue Internet searches related to basket weaving, and the like. This activity by the cloning service may be picked up by an eavesdropper and may be used to generate a polluted profile about the principal that suggests the principal is interested in basket weaving, when in fact this is not the case."

The full repas (from The Reg)


  1. If the authentic identity visits porn sites and the clone basket-weaving sites, won't the authentic identity have a porn *and* basketweaving profile? Or will the cloned identity completely replace the authentic one's online behaviour?

  2. On the other hand, this could be hijacked by an Evil Clone Overlord, and produce a profile for me that suggests I spend all my time watching hamster porn when in fact I am diligently researching Yukon basket-weaving techniques.


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