Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cheat is on at CUNY: Wall Streeters’ GPAs fixed in Baruch forgery funny business.

Chris Koutsoutis allegedly
forged professors’
signatures on
“change of grade” forms.
from the NY Post.

While teaching how corporations cook their books, a CUNY business school was fixing grades.

An administrator at Baruch College’s prestigious Zicklin School of Business forged professors’ names to raise the grade point averages of students seeking master’s degrees to become dealmakers and corporate leaders, The Post has learned.

An internal CUNY probe found the course grades of “approximately 15 students” were falsified to keep their GPAs high enough to stay in the programs, Baruch officials acknowledged.

The trickery prevented enrollees, including many mid-level Wall Streeters whose firms picked up their tabs, from flunking out — and kept their fat tuition checks flowing in.


  1. I can't believe that most of those benefitting from this didn't know something was wrong ["“What do you mean? My diploma’s on my wall. How can you tell me I don’t have a degree?” one grad said, according to a source."]. I can understand a first-year flake not being aware he was failing, but not these people.

  2. Oh yes: where I work has a moderately prominent school of business and commerce faculty. It appears they have administrators whose job is to try to talk instructors from outside the faculty that are failing business/commerce students into giving their students better grades.

  3. Well, they keep saying we should run the university like a business. And CUNY apparently is...


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