Monday, June 18, 2012

A Short Evaluative (non) Haiku

Before we make
A decision
About your eval,

Is there anything
That you notice that
You need improvement in,
So that we can include it
In your file?

No, there isn't
Can I go home now?


  1. But one of your flakes
    Wrote that your glasses don't match
    Your tie and your shoes

    And you made copies
    Fifty-seven pages more
    Than this year's quota

    These things will improve
    Or that's bad news for your file
    Now you can go home

  2. "Would you like to give us more rope to hang you with?"

    1. Indeed. Just run and don't look back. This place sounds like bad news. List it on your c.v., but cite "fundamental differences in teaching philosophy," or something along those lines, if anybody asks why you don't have a reference from them.

  3. If you tell us what's wrong with you now
    it won't count against you (somehow).
    We can mentor you fully
    with senior colleagues, no bullies!
    And to our great wisdom you'll bow.


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