Friday, July 27, 2012

A Friday Thirsty Just as it Arrived.

angsds 'n drink

(Maybe this is an Thursday Thirst, who knows. Up to you).
Deep questions (written in a alcohol-laden haze),
1) If you are in a bar, and the waiter is one of your students, can
you still get drunk?
2) How much are you to tip?
3) Being hur a 9, are salacious comments about the waiter/-ss to your
co-drinkers absolutely out of place?

My answers 1) of course you can, 2) like a drunken pirate, 3) it's ok
as long of hu does not hear any of it.


  1. "You been hittin' the booze again, Ev?"
    - Robert Preston as the greasy cattle rancher in "The Giant Spider Invasion."

    (sadly) "Go Packers."
    - Mike Nelson while riffing "The Giant Spider Invasion" on "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

  2. (1) You certainly can still get drunk. I wouldn't advise it, though.

    (2) If this student has been an annoying snowflake and would slam you on your anonymous student evals no matter what you do, NOTHING!

    (3) Anything you say can and will be used against you, in a court of law if possible.

  3. 1 - Yes. In will only enhance your street cred.
    2 - Tip heavily, always, unless the waitron is offensively rude. They make next to nothing and it's hard work serving oogling proffies.
    3 - Seriously? Ugh. I have never seen any one of my students as attractive. Pretty, perhaps, in some abstract way, but never as an object of desire. Dude! They're like, 12 years old!


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