Monday, July 30, 2012

Students Love the Social Media! From MSNBC.

Kent State University police have arrested and charged a 19-year-old student after he sent a message out on Twitter saying he planned to "shoot up" campus.

William Koberna, 19, was arrested at his parents' Brunswick home Sunday following the threatening message sent on the social media site.

Koberna has been charged with inducing panic, a felony, and aggravated menacing related to the tweet. He will be arraigned at 1:15 p.m. Monday.

Brunswick police executed an arrest warrant at Koberna's home late Sunday afternoon and took him into custody without incident.

The sophomore will be arraigned in court on Monday. He also faces university hearings that can result in his suspension or dismissal.

"Any threat to our campus community is taken seriously and immediately investigated," said Kent State University President Lester Lefton. "Our students, employees, and all those who come to campus should know that their safety is our top priority."


  1. He might have been advised that Kent State has a sore spot regarding campus shootings. I hope that making stories like this public might prevent the next social media blunder (but won't hold my breath waiting).

    1. Yeah, that's some serious obliviousness with regard to institutional history. Don't kids these days listen to Neil Young anymore?? Sheesh.

      So was this a serious threat, in the end, or is this story more like the guy who got himself arrested and investigated for quoting a violent movie on Facebook?

  2. Law enforcement, running wild.

    Safety is our top priority? How foolish of me. I thought it might have been education, truth, beauty, justice, learning, or some other such meaningless concept.

    Do you have to be a moron to make PR statements?

  3. And then there's this, one more reason to appreciate a site that lets us vent pseudonymously. I must admit that aiming a finger gun at a student is perhaps going just a bit far.....


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