Friday, August 24, 2012

Fox Business. Helping Freshmen Pack.

Tip No. 4 Limit valuables and extras

The experts agree that students are better off leaving family heirlooms and expensive jewelry at home.
“If you have a special piece of jewelry that you do like to wear almost every day, it's ok to bring it, but consider getting it insured before school and keeping it in a non-obvious place in your dorm room,” says Kaplan.

For sentimental items to make a room feel more like home such as family photos, Albright suggests making copies of the originals and stresses students should always keep dorm rooms secure.
“Never leave your dorm room unattended or unlocked--even the smallest most insignificant items can be taken,” she says.



  1. Thanks, FOX News... now how will I cover my measly pay?

  2. "The experts"

    I wonder if there is a PhD in super-obvious advice?

  3. This is how I know that civilization hasn't hit rock bottom yet:
    "certified professional organizer"

    Somebody is paid to tell college students to bring an umbrella? I think that should disqualify them from higher education.

  4. Please tell me this is an article from the Onion.


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