Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Yahoo in Ypsilanti.

EMU student reports professor for ending nap with kick

A sleeping Eastern Michigan University student may have been too tired to stay awake in class, but found the energy to report his professor for waking him up with a kick.

EMU Police Chief Bob Heighes tells the student was asleep in a 3 p.m. class in Pray-Harrold Hall on Monday, with his legs stretched out and a hat pulled down over his eyes.

The student told police the professor kicked him in the feet to wake him up.

Heighes says the professor at the Ypsilanti school told police "he believed the student was sleeping and asked him to wake up."

Heighes says the investigation is closed because the student does not want to press charges. He simply wants to change into a different class.

From The Detroit News:


  1. Replies
    1. Same here. It's in the syllabus-I catch someone with their head down, they are outta there.

      I have this idea that someday a student will fall asleep, and the rest of the class and I will sneak out, leaving hir all alone with the lights out. They're light sleepers so far, though.

    2. Done that. We even had the next class sneak in around him. He woke up and apparently didn't even notice he was in a totally different class with a different professor.

  2. Never, ever touch the students.

    However, taking a yardstick and repeatedly slamming the edge on the student's desk/table is completely acceptable.

    Be sure you have the AED handy.

    1. Indeed. Dropping a heavy book on the floor next to the desk would probably also work, and be even less likely to be mistaken for assault.

      Or, in an electronic classroom, just "accidentally" turn the volume on the speakers to high before booting up Windows. Those opening tones can be pretty shocking when played at high enough volume.

  3. Take one of those heavy 1957 Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopaedias and fling it at the sleeper as hard as you can.

    15 points if you gouge them.

    40 for a concussion.

    100 if you kill them outright.

    Godzilla is climbing out of the bay, fighting the electrical tower system...


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