Friday, September 14, 2012

Today's Featured Artist: The Man We Call Dick.

The biggest avatar in CM history.


  1. Not just the biggest avatar, the second best (after Yaro).

  2. And isn't also the most amazing user name? I mean, where else in the academic world do you have a guy named Dick Tingle?

  3. Update to What Happens When We Stand Up?

    Just this week, for the first time ever I was called in to see the Dean, for telling a colleague that "If you think I'm going to take another general-ed class of 100 to support your program, you're out of your mind." The situation calmed down, as usual, when I just happened to mention that I'd just taken over as Chair of the Research Committee, one function of which is to save the dean lots of work that is closely regulated by the state, so he can't weasel his way out of it.

    Update to My Proffie, My Friend:

    During Monday night's lab for the big general-ed astronomy course for non-majors, some snot-face kid got fresh with me. I give him the usual, "A real boss in the real world won't like this." He immediately denies having done it. The TV generation has long had a problem with reality, but since the advent of reality TV it's gotten amazingly bad. I didn't try to argue: I just disappeared into the dark, which was easy since there were a hundred other students needing my help at just that minute.

  4. Another update to My Proffie, My Friend:

    In my inbox I now have a series of e-mails from a student currently studying abroad. One might think that expatriation would preclude excessively friendly overtures, but alas, Flakey is practically begging me to connect on Froshbook and all manner of social media because she claims there are things she NEEDS to discuss with me that simply CANNOT be dealt with via e-mail. I can't fathom what on earth she means by this (all I do is coordinate their course schedules during time overseas), and I cannot come up with a non-mean way to tell her that I am not a counseling service, but an academic adviser.

    Clearly, I will have to go out for a bear claw and think this over.


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