Friday, October 26, 2012

Goodbye Pain.

Oh, nobody will give a shit about this me and maybe a couple of old-timers, but I retired the old "Email Yer Pain" email icon.

It's a holdover from the RYS days. I always loved it.

But as part of the new page design, I went ahead and did up a new icon using a clip art envelope I found and some language more in line with CM's now 855 day tenure on the interwebs.

Goodbye old friend. Another reason to drink.


  1. Cal, your work here is much appreciated. I can't tell you how many times some small design feature makes me chuckle. The page teeters between looking nice and professional and looking like it was made by a drunk professor attempting to kill the whole thing off in one grand blurry-graphic frenzy.

    Which I think is what you're going for.

    For all Fab does with content, I'm sure he's grateful to have you to on beautification and bastardization!


  2. You can always bust it out again on talk like a pirate day!

  3. Way cool! The fall colors on the page are helping my misery! Thanks much for all you do.

  4. Pain, misery, it's all the same. The new icon looks nice. What I don't get is how you find the time!

  5. For a minute there, the headline on this post had me seriously worried about you, Cal.


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