Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reminder from 2 Weeks Ago, A Month Ago, Six Months Ago, Before That Even, Etc.: The Thirstys.

  • Big Thirsty can ONLY happen on Thursday. 
  • Friday Thirsty on Friday. 
  • Weekend Thirsty is allowed, but slightly frowned upon.
  • Sunday Thirsty HAS to be about spiritual matters. 
  • Early Thirsty is M, T, or W. (And M shouldn't be used.
  • Twin Thirsty has to be 2 questions and CAN'T be on Thursday.
  • No Undergrad Thirsty, or any other type of made up fucking Thirsty.

[note proper use of divider, small font, bolded, with color]

How to interpret this if you have a thirsty you want to ask during the week:

Fuck a me!
Monday: Wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday: Early Thirsty.

Wednesday: Early Thirsty.

Thursday: Big Thirsty. (But if someone has already posted one, DON'T CALL YOURS A BIG THIRSTY. And don't make up a name like "mini Thirsty." That will put a revolver in my hand.)

Friday: Friday Thirsty.

Saturday: Weekend Thirsty, but seriously, why are you asking questions on Saturday.

Sunday: Why ask a question on the weekend, BUT if you have an aching spiritual query, then this is your big chance to go Sunday Thirsty.

No other made up thirstys like "undergrad thirsty" or "smelly colleague thirsty."

Now, what happens if you break the Thirsty Rules? Well, only Fab can tell you that for sure. And I own his ass.

Yers in fellowship,


  1. ORRRRRR fuck Cal's fascist rules and just post some shit with questions at the end that doesn't include the word "thirsty" anywhere in the post.

    1. I won't agree with the first part of your comment, but the second part is exactly correct!!

      ORRRRRRRRRRR sse the thirstys right or don't use them at all.

      Nobody wants to see what happens otherwise. Gulp.

    2. I'm all talk -- notice that I have never (knowingly) bucked a CM rule, fascist or otherwise.

  2. Replies
    1. Have a carrot stick. Dinner will be ready in 1/2 hour.

    2. Which, actually, I'm not, but apparently that question led me to briefly channel my late mother.

  3. you're harshing my mellow dude with all these rules.....

  4. Listen. Nothing matters here as much as getting the thirstys right.

    Except for the whole Yvonne Strahovski worship thing. That's my deal breaker.

  5. Replies
    1. Cal admitted 2 weeks ago that the twin thirsty was still okay. But shitfire, they have to be related!!!

    2. I love when this is the only thing we're "fighting" over. :o)

    3. Sometimes twins aren't identical/related in which case they are "fraternal". Can this still be allowed as long as the girls in the graphic are hot?

    4. Shitfire, CM, what if two TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE have TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT QUESTIONS on a Thursday? They're not twins, then, because they're not related. So what is the protocol?

      That's what the Contemplative Cynic is asking.

      And since I'm the one who asked a "mini" Thirsty last Thursday, I would like to know so I don't make the same mistake twice and end up banned. Should I not have posted my question so close to the BIG one? That was why I called it a mini. Because it wasn't big. It was small. And it happened that day, not 10 minutes before I posted it. Should I have waited?

      Sorry for yelling, but that line in the post about putting a revolver in your hand kind of got my knickers in a twist.

    5. Cal has only two settings: asleep and bitter.

      Oh wait, a third one: Unappreciated.

      Srsly, Cal's very enamored of the whole thirsty subculture. The closest he ever comes to a revolver is when he's buying bulk breakfast cereal at Costco.

  6. You know, it's not so hard to get along here.

    I know what the "rules" are at my neighbor's house, for instance. Whether or not I like them or not, I recognize it's his back yard and if he says we get out of the pool to pee, then I do it. I mean it's not like I'm a fucking animal or something.

    The pee rule in my bathtub, though, well, let me leave it at that.

  7. By the way, I like the new flipping counter in the sidebar. I'm amazed to watch it actually move while I'm reading. Is it from Blogger or some other software?

    1. Oh my gosh! I hadn't notice it changes in real time. *swoon*


  8. What if I spell "thirsty" wrong? Can I post a thirsty whenever I like if I call it a "thirstee?"

  9. Proper formatting is so important, don't you agree?

  10. Quintuplet Thirsty:

    Oh, God, WHY?!?!?!?


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