Monday, October 1, 2012

Some days, you just need to get nude and call your students stupid.

As reported on Gawker, via reddit, the cesspit of the internet, MSU Math Prof loses his shit, rants and gets naked. Except for his socks. That's how you can tell it was a full-on breakdown and not pedagogy.

I am sure we've all been at the point where we wanted to scream at our classes about how stupid they are, and maybe even throw things. Although my underpants are not high on the list of things I would pick. Something with sharper corners, for preference.

I was in Calc 1 at Michigan State University, and my teacher was always pretty eccentric, but today he went overboard. Half way through class he started screaming at us, swearing left and right. He then started slamming his hands on the window and pressing his face against it, still screaming. Eventually he walked out and down the hallway to the end, all while screaming. He then came back into the classroom and took off his clothes, except for his socks. You know someones crazy when they leave their socks on lmao. At this point everyone in class ran out. We were literally scared for his life. The police took about 15 minutes to get here, and during this time he continued walking around screaming.
Story on Gawker
Original reddit thread.


  1. Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.

    1. In the Reddit thread somebody claimed that they were a psychiatrist and that the man might have suffered a mini stroke, requiring immediate medical attention. If that is true, I hope they sent him to a hospital.

    2. Maybe one of his colleagues slipped him some bath salts before class.

    3. @college misery: LIKE

    4. I am so glad I no longer work at Initech.

      Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

    5. He was just looking for a red Swingline.

  2. Miami U is going to beat the socks off of Michigan State this year. Then the proffie will be completely naked.

    The four of us are lucky we're here in Oxford.

  3. I think the important question here is was he tenured or adjunct?

  4. "...I hope they sent him to a hospital."

    And then I read the Gawker article which stated that he was sent to a hospital.

    Hooray for not reading everything!

  5. My usual fears (and nightmares) are of not being able to find my classroom or not being able to control the classroom. NOw I have a new fear!

  6. There but for the grace of God. . .

    [Note to self: time spent on activities that reduce stress and/or the risk of stroke is not wasted.]


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