Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, Yvonne.

Oh, hi!
Okay, I bet like most women around here, I rolled my eyes whenever the "boys" who run the page went on one of their fantasy trips to Yvonne Strahovski land.

She has appeared on this page and RYS before, often in quite magical ways. She was at one of the RYS year-end parties, she swirled absinthe with the male mods; she may even have given Compound Cal mouth to mouth after a particularly strenuous game of exploding ping pong!

Anyway, I'd never seen the show she was on for years called "Chuck," but when Fab dropped a hint about her being on Showtime's "Dexter" this year, I was intrigued. (Hubby and I love "Dexter.")

So last night we fired up the Tivo and watched last weekend's episode.

I get it. Boys. I. Get. It.

That scene in the snow tent where she's on the table. Okay. I will not begrudge you your Yvonne thingie. I don't mind. I understand. I have it now, too.



  1. I love Dexter as well, but my favorite character is his potty mouth sister, Deb. She cracks me up.

  2. Oh, man, this keeps being brought up, like there were dozens of people with the fixation.

    Okay, it was JUST me. It was always just me. I am and was the only RYS/CMmer who was stalking (being a fan of) Yvonne.

    Now at least Darla is on board. We're a GROUP. It's not nearly as creepy.

    I hope.

  3. (like a fanboy...)

    AND, I love how different her Dexter character is from her Chuck character.

    Her character on Chuck was superspy Sarah Walker. She was brilliant and physical; did I say physical?

    And on Dexter she's quite a crazy killer. And she loves plants. So it's a feast for everyone.

    My wife knows, too, of my crush. She has her own on that young second in command on Last Resort, Speedboy or whatever. Ugh. I thought she had better taste!!


  4. I do not get,
    this channel on cable,
    but I will sign up today
    if she's let loose from that table.

  5. Yvonne. Is. HAWT.
    (and always shall be so...)

    Thank God for the Google image search "sarah walker wienerlicious"!


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