Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We're Getting Out of Ohio in the Nick of Time.

Baldwin Wallace University students arrested for reportedly operating drug lab

Karen Farkas, The Plain DealerBy Karen Farkas, The Plain Dealer 
on November 26, 2012 at 5:00 PM, updated November 27, 2012 at 7:06 AM

BEREA, Ohio — Four students from the Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music led dual lives -- successfully pursuing studies in voice, piano and violin while operating clandestine drug labs to manufacture the illegal drug Ecstasy, officials say.
Lauren Pajerski

Benjamin Knight, 24, Lauren Pajerski, 22, Max Cickovskis, 22, and Jonathan Beckwith, 23, were indicted Nov. 16 on numerous charges, including assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and cultivating marijuana. Knight and Pajerski were also charged with theft and burglary.

Public records and interviews with police are filling in details of an unusual drug case that made news with the arrest of the students last month.

"I am just grateful nothing blew up and no one got hurt," said Berea police Detective Dennis Bort, the lead investigator who spent months gathering evidence. "The moral of this case is book-smart, street-stupid."


  1. Arts majors do need to be prepared to bring in multiple income streams, but this seems to be taking that principle a bit too far.

    Also, how does one make a hallucinogenic mushroom? Don't they grow, like other mushrooms?

  2. 'When can I get my computer back? I have a thesis due,' " Hahahahahahahaha!

    I was wondering about those mushrooms, too.

    1. Wait a minute; I just read the title to the post. "We're getting out of Ohio" -- We are? When was this decision made? When are we going? Why did nobody tell me?!?

    2. Oh yes, Fab left strict instructions to relocate the compound. The whole Benjamin Harrison / Paul Ryan connection in Oxford was too much mojo.

      Once Cal and I find a trailer that can haul the remaining two alpaca, the two last hookahs, the two last turtles, and the two last bottles of absinthe, we'll let you know where we settle.

      Leslie K

    3. Fair enough. I'm up for a change of scenery, and my ancient car is running pretty well these days. Just tell me where to head, and I'll be there.

      Turtles?!? On second thought, I'm not even going to ask.

    4. Won't be too hard to catch 'em if they try to escape, though!

    5. Absinthe is vile. Can I bring some vodka to share with our resident Russian instead?

    6. Athens is nicer than Oxford, and the bars are better...

  3. "Also, how does one make a hallucinogenic mushroom? Don't they grow, like other mushrooms?"
    - Contingent Cassandra

    They were trying to make MDMA, not grow `shrooms....and they were stupid enough to try making Ecstasy in a school lab during the summer.

    The moral is let people like Heisenberg and Pinkman make the drugs AND STAY AS FAR THE FUCK AWAY FROM DRUGS AS POSSIBLE, especially IF YOU ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO USE THE SCHOOL CHEM LAB TO MAKE ECSTASY.

    Still, such people would be useful in my Siberian labor camp system, or maybe as permanent English instructors for the North Koreans already in Siberia working in those secret logging camps making wood for IKEA. Dennis Bort can come along too because he sounds like a smug, smallminded bastard.


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