Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thirsty? Me, Too.

How am I supposed
to count on anything?

Hiram is getting fucked by the Dean,
when I know he's a good man,
and today on the page,
not a soul asked a Big Thirsty.

Where is the center of my universe?
Why are Cal's images so blurry?
Why does Bubba scare me so?
Why does Darla's new avatar make me sad?

Q: What emergency at the compound
resulted in us having no big thirsty today?


  1. Everyone is getting ready for the apocalypse. For example, I have a pint of Harpoon Leviathan at the moment. Ahhhh!

  2. (a) Since the Universe is expanding, it has no center. Seriously: because it's an expansion of space itself, on the average all distant galaxies look like they're moving away from you, no matter what galaxy you're in.

    (b) That can be explained by whatever Cal is imbibing.

    (c) If you think that's scary, you should hear when Bubba does the rebel yell!

    (d) Because Darla's not in shorts or other attire the men like, obviously.

    The best thing I said all day in response to a non-emergency was:

    "Didn't your mother ever tell you to go to the bathroom before a big trip? Well in this exam, I AM YOUR MOTHER!"

    Also: being a good man is no proof against being fucked by the dean. Hiram's is a sad case of this, but by no means the first.

  3. But Dick, by asking a thirsty, you render your whole post moot! Dammit, this is a great blog.

    Leslie K, you need to write more about your daughter. You two are a real telenovela.

  4. My big thirsty: Dick, where is your huge, uh, avatar?

  5. Dammit, I had a Thirsty that occurred to me on Tuesday, then I was saving it, but then I forgot it was Thursday. Oops. :/

  6. Perhaps the alpaci got loose, in anticipation of the alpacalypse? If so, there goes Christmas/New Year's/Easter dinner (depending on just how bad a job the RGM does of killing the page). We might have to eat the duck after all.

  7. Darla's avatar is fine - but I still remember the shorts.


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