Sunday, January 6, 2013

liveblogging the HDC, Day 3

That's me on the left.
  1. Four great papers in a row!  Can't believe it.  Fifth one was forgettable but not contemptible.  This is a record for any conference I have ever seen, no joke.
  2. Lunch with an old grad student buddy.
  3. Shopping trip; souvenirs bought for neglected family. Plus maybe one or two things for myself.
  4. Book exhibit!  Stagger back to room like a turtle under the load of new books.  Hope I don't get charged extra for baggage on the plane.
  5. Reception! Chat with advisor. Chat with other people. Snag some sushi.
  6. Coffee and dinner with grad school buddies. Many promises about in-touch-keeping, this time for sure. And there's always FB.
  7. Truly awesome party; shouted self hoarse, still couldn't be heard over the roar of well-lubricated academics relaxing on their last night, all interviews and papers done.  Stood at the edge eventually with others of my vintage watching grad students show up singly, stand about in awkward groups Chatting With Intent, and leave in pairs.  Very sweet. Oh to be that young again.  (Actually, you couldn't pay me to be that young again.) 
  8. Room. Pack. Plane leaves at some obscene hour tomorrow.
Don't know why I don't do this more often.  It was great. Inspiring. Colleagues are wonderful. Discipline is awesome and fascinating.  I came to record the misery, but this isn't where it is.  Academia, I forgive you. I have to come back next year.


  1. Does anyone notice what's missing at a conference?


    How could it NOT be fun?

  2. It also helped enormously that I was not a) interviewing, b) being interviewed, c) giving a paper So I had nothing to do but enjoy myself.

  3. You totally rock that bustier and gold crown look.

    1. It causes comment around the dept, but conferences seem a little more accepting.

  4. Re the books added weight, find a UPS store and send them to yourself. It'll probably be cheaper than what the airline will charge you.

  5. Thanks so much for your dispatches, MA. You've reminded me to actively look forward to my conferences this spring (despite the grueling travel schedule I have for them), and you've also motivated me to perhaps try my shot at getting into a few more.

    I love conferencing, too, for all the reasons you name, and my goal this year is to find ways to become more involved with the organizations whose conferences I regularly attend.

    If I were living Stateside I would try to make it once to the HDC just to experience it as stress-free as you did, but until that happens I will stick to the regional/Tiny Subdisciplinary conferences...


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