Friday, January 25, 2013

UC Davis Researcher Had a Blast. From the Associated Press.

A chemistry researcher at the University of California, Davis who was injured in an explosion at his campus apartment last week was charged Thurs-day with 10 counts of possessing firearms and explosives.
The Yolo County District Attorney's office does not say in the five-page complaint whether 32-year-old David Snyder intended to harm anyone with the items found in his apartment.

Snyder pleaded not guilty during a brief initial court appearance Thursday in Yolo County Superior Court in Woodland, north of Sacramento. One of his defense attorneys, Linda Parisi, said her client had the materials for research.

"What happened in Dr. Snyder's apartment was an accident. He harbored no intent to build or detonate an explosive device," she said. "He is a chemist working on a variety of projects."

Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Cabral said investigators found liquid and solid explosive materials and devices to detonate them in the apartment. He said Snyder had assistance from another individual who is connected to the university but is not a faculty member. That individual has been questioned by investigators, Cabral said, but has not been charged.

Snyder has a doctorate in chemistry from the university.




  1. "He was charged Thursday with two felony counts of possessing firearms in his apartment without the university's permission."

    Ahh liberals strike again. Did he kill anyone? No, but he'll get more prison time than someone who did. For comparison I can drive as fast as my car will allow...which is double the freeway speed limit....and it would be only a misdemeanor while being more reckless than having a couple of guns in a closet on campus.

    Also need more details regarding the explosives. Possessing "materials" isn't that difficult. I can go into home depot and get most of the materials needed for high explosives.

  2. Uh oh! Looks like someone didn't read the faculty handbook! Right there on page 38: Thou shalt commit felonies only when thou hast tenure.

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  4. Replies
    1. I never suspected you, Ben, but I did wonder whether he might be, or have been, one of your students.

  5. Well, the pipe bombs don't make themselves, I guess....

    1. Well, you would know, Strelly. Are you sure he isn't one of *your* students (a fairly attentive one)? Or you?


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