Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Pointless Saturday Exercise.

The RYS/CM graphics
are exceptionally lousy.
It's one of the most essential
elements of our dying

Sometimes we find old graphics
and can't recall why or when
they were used.
(We know we could Gogol
that shit, but who has the time?)

What kind of post would go with this
graphic, in an ideal and fuzzy world?

(And what would the comments be?)


  1. The OP could be about a stoned Prof. We have an old hippie in our department who does not look so different from this guy.

  2. "Plato in the Beach: and introductory course"

  3. Plato meets Compound Cash and they get baked.

    Comments are:
    Strelly: Put him a gulag.
    Ben: This post doesn't seem to be about me.
    Darla: Did you hear, I went from a CC to a SLAC.
    Tingle: What a creep / counting sheep.
    Cal: It's not that blurry.

    1. Watch it, Hiram, or I'll staple your dick to the floor. ;-)/2

    2. Hiram, the laborcamps are for the snowflakes and the administration.

  4. Life's a Beach and Then You Die: Teaching Marxism in California Community Colleges

  5. Oh, I know I made this one, but I don't recall the context. I'd guess I was making fun of someone smarter than me with better shirts.

  6. He reminds me of the guidance counsellor in the high school I graduated from. He was the token hippie in the teaching staff. I wasn't impressed by him at first, particularly by his attempts to "relate" to us, but, as I got to know him, he turned out to be a decent chap.

  7. Good grief. Why is there so much concern about the graphics? Not just today, but there's way too much preoccupation with the clarity, is the graphic on the wrong side, etc.

    Is there some sort of snowflake pestilence affecting proffies? Has exposure to these lackbrains affected your gray matter to the point that now *you* don't think it's worthwhile if it isn't interesting-looking?

    If people don't like the site because they don't like the graphics we're better off without them.

    1. Gary, it's one of the old, long standing jokes around here, probably related, at least originally, to some real complaints about the graphics but now with a life of its own.

  8. Hmm. . .Somebody who's trying to be a "cool" version of either Aristotle or (a very Europeanized conception of) Jesus, I'd say. Definitely leftover hippie. The question, to my mind, is whether he's being overly "student-centered" (letting the student decide what to study, despite the fact that he, the professor, is more knowledgeable/experienced), or anti-snowflake (making the student think/decide for hirself).

  9. I just returned from a "conservative" academic conference, where one of the young participants looked like this. He also was wearing rose colored jeans to complete the outfit. I just kept singing to myself, "One of these things is not like the others...." He made an interesting presentation in one of the break out sessions. I was also told, by someone who went to graduate school with him, that he gets outstanding student evaluations.


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