Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Faculty wants University to Account for Foodservice Losses. From the Toronto Star.

Ryerson University faculty are outraged with the school’s decision to pony up more than $5.6 million to cover the losses of a food services company it employs — and they’re determined to hold the administration accountable.
Anver Saloojee, president of the Ryerson Faculty Association, said members were upset to read in the Star Wednesday that Ryerson has incurred losses for Aramark Canada Ltd., which runs the cafeterias and catering operation.
“Faculty are not happy with what has been revealed,” the professor of politics and public administration said Thursday. “We have every right to hold the administration to account for a $5.6 million shortfall that they had to pay Aramark for the last five years.”
The association represents more than 800 members including faculty, professional librarians and professional counselors. The executive will meet Feb. 26, where it will discuss next steps.
As the Star reported Thursday, students are also unsatisfied.


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  1. You go, keedos! I had the misfortune of being an Accursed Visiting Assistant Professor at a university with so little transparency, even carrying out an investigation like this was something to dream about. Don't let those bastards get away with ripping you off!


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