Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Get It. You're Busy.

Good morning, Mandy Mutterer.

What did you say? You're looking for your students? They're looking for you? What?

Ah, you're muttering again about how busy you are and how much the club you advise needs you and how that impinges on your life and how valuable you are to them and how you're constantly busy doing things for them. And did you mention you're busy?

We get it. You're busy. Hey, so are we! We're so busy that we don't have time to mutter about it. We're so busy that we don't care if we get attention for it.  We're so busy that we really don't care how busy you are.

Except.   Mandy, it seems as if you choose to be busy and then you want an award for it, or sympathy, or something.

So here: have a cookie. Now please shut up.  Because I'm busy.


  1. Oh, wow, you have nailed it. I'm sure we all have Mandys in our midst.

    Mine are sighers. You've never heard so much pathos in a single sigh. I want to open a vein and lay in a ditch when I hear them sighing.

    Their drama makes me a little sick to my stomach.

  2. OMG we have one of these-- very very very busy and frazzled and drama drama and exceptionalist drama, implying that hir responsibilities and tribulations are somehow different from our identical responsibilities and tribulations, but with a lot of extra busywork and strum und drang, most it somehow self-manufactured and completely optional. GAH if you can't deal with this, don't create so much work for yourself!

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    1. Gee, or department chairs who are sooooooo helpful to offer classes for a pittance and act like they are such GIFTS to give to people. And are SOOOOOOOO understanding when those underpaid people actually managed to get 15 other jobs to make up for the fact they are essentially getting taken advantage of, but, dammit, they should be GRATEFUL just for the work! How very dare they! It's such hard work doling out poorly paying jobs to people who should be grateful to work for slave wages! Oh, the humanity!

    2. Hey, I don't like the system, but Annie didn't invent it.

    3. No she didn't invent it, but she's complaining that those on the bottom are daring to complain. Surely there's a difference between the whinings among equals that Pr. Galore posts about, and the whining about the help daring to voice their problems with the binds they find themselves in, which is the substance of Annie's remark.

  4. What really gets to me are faculty who beg off, claiming they are too busy, when various tasks are being assigned to department members. And worse, when my chair accepts this excuse, and then the rest of us have to carry the additional work.

    I'm busy too, y'know.


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