Monday, February 18, 2013

What To Do If You Are Afraid Of Your College Roommate. From WUSA in DC.

For many students heading off to college for the first time, it is a worry wondering who their roommate will be.

George Mason freshman Lauren Runion says she was concerned about that, given the recent shootings making news around the country.

But, for the first three weeks of school this year, Runion didn't have a roommate. Then fellow freshman Rachel Rudsky called to ask if she could move in. She was hoping to get out of a bad situation with her current roommates.

So, Rudsky met with her Resident Advisor who helped make the change. Now, the two new roommates are good friends.

Getting help is exactly what a student should do if they're bothered by another student. And even if a student lives off campus, he or she should still seek the help of their college's counseling services.


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