Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Urgent Job Thirsty...

One of our community members is in a jam and would love some advice:

I'm a finalist for a one-year sabbatical replacement. I know it's a great institution because I went there myself for my master's degree. If I accept the job, how will future search committees look at the fact that I did get a great one-year job at an institution that already knew me? 

Will a job at this institution hurt, help, or not affect how my CV will look in a year when I do this job dance all over again?


  1. Assuming you did a good job and got some excellent teaching evaluations out of it, I think it would greatly help your CV. Being the instructor of record, even at your old institution, should be a positive on the job market next year.

    If you have another offer in hand, then you might weigh other factors like what kind of experience will best help you as a job candidate. But the way the question was posted it sounds like that's the job offer you have right now.

    From one adjunct to another, take the job, get good course evaluations, and build some relationships for strong recommendations for the next year of job applications.

  2. It wouldn't affect my opinion one way or another. But then I teach at a 4/4 teaching college. So the real answer to that question is: "It depends."

    It depends on what type of job you want and what type of school you're applying to. It depends on the institution you attended that wants you back as a replacement. Went to Harvard? No problem. Went to East Wyoming John Deere Industrial College? Maybe a problem. But if you went there and want an R1 job you have a problem anyway.

    It also depends on what other sorts of offers you have. It depends on how much you will have to teach, and WHAT you have to teach.

    Have you any other offers? Have you finished your dissertation? These are key questions that influence the answer.

    If you have no other offers, want a job at a teaching college, have your dissertation done, and the sabbatical replacement gives you a chance to teach new courses and gain experience, it's a no-lose proposition.

    What are your other choices here? And where do you want to end up?

  3. Stella, as always you are an excellent source of wisdom.

    Although, now we've probably alienated the entire faculty of Eastern Wyoming John Deere Industrial College.

    1. Oh, snap ... you actually suckered me into looking up whether EWJDIC was a real college!

  4. Do it. Don't hesitate. Do great work and it can only help you!!

  5. Definitely take it and teach the hell out of it. You know it's a one year thing, so use it as an extension of your learning process. Teach with a fire and a passion, and use the year to stay fresh for the job market. Like Darla says, don't even hesitate. GOOD LUCK!!

  6. What Stella says. I did a year's sabbatical replacement at my undergrad alma mater while I finished my dissertation, and it was a great platform into my next job. Plus, I didn't spend my first year on the tenure track figuring out how to teach!

  7. I agree with the others. It can't hurt you and while some places may appear incestuous in hiring many others are harder on their own graduates. A job is a job. Experience is experience. Listen to Hiram, Darla et al. Do it.

  8. It's a job. If you don't have something better then take the job. If you decide not to take it then email the info to to me.

  9. It offers your professors with even more fodder for your letters of recommendation. Go for it!

  10. It will look much better on your CV to have had a 1-year full-time position than to have juggled part-time adjunct positions for that year. And the fact that your alma mater department hired you can only work in your favor. Take it!


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