Saturday, March 16, 2013


Wait, is the compound on a holiday?

You mean there are no posts today?

Cal didn't do a boring vidshizzle?

Leslie didn't get a Crampicle link from someone?

Nobody quit the page?

Yvonne Strahovski wasn't on TV anywhere?

Nobody's grading inane essays at home and finding a funny line?

Maybe it is a holiday.

No posts on Saturday, I guess.

Except for this one.


  1. Based on the massive lineups at the grocery store, with everyone loading up on potato chips and various other party foods, and the similarly massive lineup at the next door LCBO, I'm guessing no one is posting because they're too busy getting ready to tie one on tonight and state that they're Irish because, about 7 generations ago, one ancestor out of a multitude got the hell out of Galway to flee the potato famine...

  2. That and all the hoops! God I love sports. There are some other CM sports nuts, right. I know Cal has written about it.

  3. Who quit the page? I said I needed to spend more time in meat-space for a while, as I've done before, as it looks like I finally have a real publisher for my book. They want everything by April 15, but then nothing enhances the creative process for me better than a firm deadline. And of course, students NEVER believe that!

    @Kimmie: You owe me a pack of Kools.

    1. Froderick Frankenstien from Fresno, March 9, 2013 at 6:27 PM
      I am sorry I ever said that. I have now removed it.

      And now, it is time for me to take another hiatus from CM. See you next year, folks!

    2. Has it been a year alread, Frod?

      Are you still busy marginalizing and minimizing the work of humanists? Can't wait for your next one liner that tells me my whole career is a joke.

      Good times.

  4. Fab, I am convinced that the RSS feed was down on Saturday.

  5. Yeah, you know what, Frod, somewhere between my over/under of 3 days, and your "see you next year," I've lost my interest in you, your inevitable return, and your disdain for a good number of college proffies and their life's work.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, and I'm betting you aren't.

  6. Could everyone please just CALM DOWN, pour some bourbon, and watch some episodes of China, IL:

    I especially recommend "Secret Society." It's about tenure so awesome that none of us will ever achieve its power. Brad Neely is a mad genius. I can't believe this hasn't already become the compound's official show.


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