Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 7 Assh*les You'll Meet on Your Spring Break Trip by Susanna Wolff From CollegeHumor.Com.

Oh, you don’t know this guy? Crazy. He’s your friend’s buddy you’ve never met. He’s coming on this trip now, BTdubs. Sorry they didn’t give you more of a heads up, but don’t worry, you’re going to hate this guy so much it will make you question why you’re friends with his friend and lead you to a spiral of self-doubt. SPRING BREAK! Expect to hear that shouted at least nine times from the windows of the car rental you paid for. He’s totally going to chip in for that too. A six-pack will cover it, right? This trip is going to be AWESOME (for him).



  1. It's good, but they missed one:

    Your math proffie . The guy who scheduled a high-stakes midterm for Monday after Spring Break. Cumulative.

    Course evaluation time seems so far away...

  2. Gee! I'm sorry that I missed out on all this "fun!"

  3. All those people.

    In my laborcamp.



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