Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Week's CM Hits.

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  1. If you've seen this space over night, you'll know Leslie sent me a sweet shoutout with this hits graphic, and Proffie Galore made a very nice post about the small additions I make to the page. (And some lovely comments and emails from others followed; truly thank you all.)

    This all came about because of some medical testing I'm going through. Les, quite innocently, took some private info and made it more public than I wanted. It's not her fault. I once was quite guilty of revealing some heart testing I was undergoing back in the RYS days.

    All of us, especially those of us of a certain age start to bump up against the decline of the body. I've learned it does no good to elevate these moments. They are a part of the road, and need to be traversed like any other mile. That they occur too near the end of the trip sometimes weights them unfairly.

    Again, Les, meant well, and I'm appreciative of the love I get from her, Fab, and Terry and COUNTLESS community members from CM and RYS.

    I'm feeling good about how things went yesterday and in a few days I will know more long term info about the state of my health. I'd say you'll be able to tell by the tone of the next VidShizzle. See, I worked it around to the page again.

    Seriously, thanks Les, thanks Proffie, and the others who wrote. Your well wishes have buoyed me this morning.