Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grammar Matters: Man Threatens to Blow Up Government Building Sign Over Misspelled Word. Actually, Not to Be Picky, It Really Isn't a Misspelled Word so Much as It's the Wrong Word. Sure, It's Misspelled if It's Supposed to Be And, But An is Spelled Correctly. It's Wrong. Hell, It's Wrong as All Get Out. But It's Nothing To Get a Pressure Cooker Out About.

A man in Salem, Oregon took his obsession with correct spelling slightly too far on Wednesday morning when he threatened to blow up a government building's sign because a word was misspelled on it.

According to the Statesman Journal, Leonard Burdek, 50, allegedly walked into Salem's Teacher Standards and Practices Commission office on Wednesday carrying a pressure cooker. He informed employees there that he'd just tried to blow up their sign because the “d” was missing from the “and,” making the sign read: “Teacher Standards an Practices Commission.”

“He walked quite confidently into our office as though he had a mission, and I think that was what alarmed me right off the bat,” Executive Director Vickie Chamberlain said.

Burdek reportedly told the employees that his bomb didn't detonate, blaming the failure in part on the bomb's downloaded directions, which, according to Burdek, also contained misspellings.


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  1. Seems perfectly reasonable. Shouldn't even be a law against it.


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