Thursday, May 16, 2013

If It's Thursday, I Must Be Tingling...

All this student eval talk
has made me tingle.

Oh, I read them,
then I file them.

They have taught me the following:

I'm too hard.
I don't "like" them.
I go on and on.
I keep them too long.

It's not illuminating.
It's not even bothersome,

But as a young man,
I took them to heart.

I was easier.
I "acted" like I liked them.
I involved students more in discussion -
which they always rejected.
I let them out early.

It was miraculous,
the change.

Instead of 4.3s,
I got 4.4s.

I'm convinced I got tenure that way.

Now, of course, I've reverted.

It's 4.3s all the way,
and damn the snow-pedos.


  1. I've always been curious as to how USMC basic training would improve thanks to recruit evaluations.

    Also, I have pointed out to management that since they are great fans of this mechanism, and truly believe in its validity, that they should use it "on themselves" so that us grunts on the front line can help them improve their logistical role of leading and supporting us.


  2. The Tingle, being neither gigantic nor tiny today, shall effect the Goldilocks Effect. Numerous comments are inevitable.

    Damn the supernormal stimuli!

  3. 4.3s are a mirage
    3.4s? Out of range
    Nice round 3s would make me smile
    Think of 2s as their revenge


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