Saturday, May 18, 2013

NYU Professor Busted for Allegedly Spying on Undressing Women.

College faculties are made up of all kinds of people, of course. Just another subculture in our big, messy world. I don't know why it always seems worse to me when a proffie gets caught doing something gross like this dude. Does it reflect on me? On us?

My best friend / neighbor is a roofer. When a roofer in another city gets picked up for molesting goats or alpaci, I don't think any less of my neighbor.

Should I? No, that's stupid. But, correct me if I'm wrong, this is context for the below linked article, right? I mean, I won't lose that good parking space here on the Weber State campus, will I? I'll still get to share a cubby with Leslie K? I did it right, didn't I?


Wouldn't YOU
be sweating?
An accomplished NYU art-history professor — who has lectured at the Met and Sotheby’s — is a Peeping Tom who uses his iPhone to spy on young women in West Village boutique changing rooms, cops said.

Ross Finocchio, 34, video-recorded women trying on vintage clothes at Beacon’s Closet by entering a changing area, setting up his phone in a shoe, and sliding it under the partition into the next room, cops said.

The medieval-art expert pulled the move on two women — ages 26 and 28 — in two incidents, cops said.

The 26-year-old saw the shoe slide into her room as she was getting undressed at 4:30 pm.

“I told the store manager that I saw him put something under the door but I didn’t see what it was,” the alleged victim told The Post.

She and the manager then watched Finocchio pull the same stunt on a 28-year old, cops said.

“I knocked on [his dressing-room door] and said, ‘You have to come out right now,’” said manager Stephanie Williams.

She said when he finally came out, “he was sweating profusely.”



  1. Wow, this guy isn't too bright. Did he not think anyone would notice a shoe with a phone in it?

  2. As if the world needed another statistically significant anecdote to justify further suspicion of PhDs.

    Should we all just give up and give in to our inner perverts?

    If you read the full piece, though, his academic career doesn't quite seem to add up. Maybe he is spending too much time being a pervert.

  3. Maxwell Smart, white courtesy shoe phone please.

  4. I've heard of New Yorkers watching the obits to get lead son newly vacant apartments. Maybe we should watch for "arrested pervert professor" stories to get leads on sudden academic vacancies.

  5. "I don't know why it always seems worse to me when a proffie gets caught doing something gross like this dude. Does it reflect on me? On us?"

    Basically, you're experiencing what members of pretty much every marginalized group go through whenever someone with even a tenuous association with their identity category is accused of something unsavoury. It's one of those experiences which can (and should, I think) cause those of us who occupy 'favoured' identity categories to reflect on how our social privilege generally protects us from the sort of stigmatization many people live with every day. (In this case, any "professor = pervert" association will surely be fleeting; many other communities aren't so lucky.)

  6. A *34* year old "accomplished NYU art history professor"? So. . . a grad student who was instructor of record last term for caves-to-cathedrals and has been a docent at the Met one summer? Fact check, or what?

  7. Another proof that the driving force of the universe is the sense of irony: "finocchio" is in Italian a derogatory term for "gay".

  8. Maybe he was conducting Medieval vs. modern underwear comparisons for an upcoming lecture?


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