Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Professors: Students May Judge Your Facebook Profile"

Freshly ripped from the pages of the educational journal Duh!: "New research finds that undergraduates judge professors based on their Facebook profiles."

As a proffie who presents hirself as liberal-conservative-religious-social-professional-family-oriented, I'm confused as to how to maximize my personal brand in the FB marketplace . . . .

Some flava:
To understand how a social media presence might influence a professor's teaching career, the researchers created six fake Facebook pages, all of a fictional 39-year-old while male professor. Each page had a specific focus: Either the professor was portrayed as primarily politically conservative, politically liberal, religious, family-oriented, socially oriented or professional.
Students disliked professors who wore their politics on their sleeves: Politically conservative and politically liberal professors were seen as the least friendly and the least respectable. Students also had little respect for social professors and felt family-oriented professors were the most respectable.

The horror. The horror.


  1. Replies
    1. and even then, don't put anything on Facebook that your wouldn't want your Mom, spouse, minister, the IRS, the Provost, the FBI, and your worst enemy to read.

  2. This is why I try to bring my wife and child on campus for social events or just taking a walk on the weekends. Students see us and think, "Wow, he's such a jerk but there's at least one person who thinks he's a decent human being. And the child indicates that he has had sex at least once." They are especially entertained by the child, so much so that I occasionally let it off the leash.


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