Wednesday, May 8, 2013

To do list:

  1. Should turn the compost.
  2. Plan that road trip to Bryce and Zion. Wonder if we can also hit Mesa Verde easily?
  3. Talk to a contractor about new siding.
  4. Repaint bedroom. Maybe some desaturated blue?
  5. Need to start a batch of beer. Saison? Tripel?
  6. Need to get some Sluggo. Have tried all the friendly options, now it's time for gastropod genocide, as they've found the hostas.
  7. Need to finish Torchlight. Have gotten 32 floors down and suddenly started getting killed a lot. Need to do some level-building grinding. Also need to finish Fallout Vegas. And Bioshock. And Wolfenstein. All those games I've started over winter breaks. I miss Nethack.
  8. Get some more insulation in the attic.
  9. Plant basil soon. Try spinach seedlings again-- the first ones probably died in the frost.
  10. Need to replace the Buffalo Trace, friend finished it off the other night.
  11. Oh, should make popsicles! Boozy ones.
  12. Should re-wrap the handlebar tape on road bike. Wonder if we can do a short tour up that rail-to-trail, and do some bike camping?
  13. Look for used canoe or kayaks. Craigslist? Maybe just check out garage sales.
  14. Finish that article; send the full draft of the edited volume out, finish that other article.
    Oh, and
  15. Grade these 25 research papers, 76 shorter papers, write some exams, give some exams, grade some exams, wrangle Exel, assign grades, crunch numbers for assessment BS. [sobs uncontrollably]


  1. OMG that graphic wins. Brilliant.

  2. Summer, you're doing it right. Road trip to Dr. Lemurpants' anyone?

  3. I know it doesn't help, but at times like these I like to channel Yossarian: There, there. There, there.

    (But there's no "there" there!)

  4. I channel Dory, the memory-challenged fish from Finding Nemo (a movie I generally do not like much):

    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

    You'll get it done. You always do. <--Is what my SO tells me at this time, every semester. It does help to remember this.

    Then I go out in my garden.

    1. I've learned to tell myself that (both the "you'll get it done. You always do." and "just keep swimming"). And gardens help. A lot. I wish mine weren't a 25-minute drive away (community garden plot -- better than no garden; definitely not as good as one out the back door).

  5. I need one of those booze popsicles to get through this grading.

    1. At the end of the term in December, my last dean used to send a box or two of liqueur-filled chocolates to each department as a gift.

      Most of my colleagues would take one but I'd go by and take a handful. Those chocolates sure made it a lot easier to mark all those exams. For some reason, they were soon consumed and I had to get myself some more....

  6. I know that when I am crunching the numbers for assessment, I am finished. My grades have been submitted and I am wrapping up the semester.

  7. The siren-call of vacation plans, the outdoors, and home maintenance/improvement does get very loud at this time of year, doesn't it? I'm hearing it very strongly myself, and only partially managing to resist.

    I, too, have a pretty long list of grading et al. still to accomplish. And -- oh, yes -- an overdue chapter for an edited volume. And those taxes for which I filed an extension. And c. 6 weeks between grades/chapter in and the beginning of summer school. And I really should be grading, or at least answering student emails, right now. Sob, indeed. But I plan to spend a few hours in my community garden plot this afternoon.

    Good luck with the slugs. I've heard copper repels them, and that the old beer trap trick works, but it sounds like you're tried methods of that sort.

    Spinach doesn't generally mind cold. Maybe drowning? or rabbits?

    1. Beer is worse! It calls to slugs from miles around.
      You have to lie in wait for them and salt their asses.

  8. That looks incredibly similar to my list. Are we both played by the same person in the compound?

  9. And mine! Only my chair tied me to the desk in his office until I finished marking my papers. I believe he had been warned by previous chairs that this was the only thing that worked.

    I know, though, the brightly-coloured mirage of everything in the world that I will be able to do as soon as these festering !@#$%!!! papers are done, looming luminous before my eyes, I can almost touch it, but AAAAAAUUGGGH, there lies the Black Wall Of Grading Despair between me and paradise ...

  10. I still have six weeks to go... a list beyond "grade midterms," isn't even on my horizon. But I can dream... :)


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