Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gosh-darn that Supreme Court!

Suddenly my marriage seems so fragile.


  1. Hoping the hiatus allows for a political shout-out. Congratulations to all my gay colleagues. The rulings weren't all they could have been, but I may just develop a crush on Roberts.

    1. I'd have a look at that Voting Rights decision from a couple of days ago before developing any crushes.

      But yes, congratulations.

  2. My dad is worried that now I might make good on my stated intentions of someday marrying my dog. It does not seem to comfort him that I am already married or that my dog is female, and neither of us is gay. Apparently, he feels the world has gone to hell in a hand basket and anything is now possible.

    But yes, HOORAY for the supreme court; at least yesterday they did something right!

  3. Marriage equality is such a no-brainer, I wonder what's taking this country so long to get with the program. It's not a gay issue, it's human rights.

    On the other hand, I'm no friend of traditional marriage, and I'm happy to see we're getting to the point where it is no longer seen as "the default" for long-term couples. My partner and I (both previously married) are in a committed relationship, and once in a while the m-word comes up. We can't think of what it would add to our lives, and can easily come up with ways in which it would detract from what we have. (No children at home BTW).

    So as marriage equality takes hold in the legal system, I wonder what will happen to people like us: together, and unmarried by choice. There are all kinds of disadvantages that come with the absence of official sanction (visitation rights, health insurance, taxes). Hopefully we'll begin to address that in the US, as other countries have. The State should really be neutral with regards to the "companionship structure" people choose.

  4. My marriage is the same as it was last week. Same goes for his and my relationships with our girlfriend.

  5. I know. Now all the gays and lesbians are going to marry each other instead of marrying heterosexuals and trying to make it work and breaking up only after they've had children. Oh; wait; that would be *good* for families (and children), wouldn't it? As would my my gay friends (with and without children) being able to marry each other.

    Honestly, I think same-sex marriage is threatening mostly to those who really, really need to believe that GLBT people are different from straight people in a whole bunch of ways (rather than one admittedly important but ultimately fairly limited way).

    So, yes, hurrah. Good to have some good news for once. Now to convince my denomination that pastors should be allowed to marry same-sex couples if their consciences lead them to do so (yes, I hope all pastors' consciences will eventually lead in that direction, but sometimes incremental progress is the way to go).

  6. I was so happy about this! It's not even my country, but it brought tears to my eyes when I read that a judge stayed a deportation hearing for a married gay Colombian 10 minutes after the decision. The consequences for non-citizens are huge.


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