Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is 8 Hours Too Long To Make a 2 Minute VidShizzle? Sorry, Cal, But Cash's Return to Utah Seems to Involve Bashing You! It's Not Me. It's Cash, Really, Or At Least VidShizzle Cash, and After All, That's How We Know Him. Okay?


  1. I've tried to make a few of those videos myself, so I have to ask. It only took you eight hours? That's damn impressive. The sepia tone fade in and out was a really nice touch.

    1. Agreed. As were the interspersed long shots and the canned laughter. Not to mention:

      "A new boyfriend who's a juggler, or a business major, or a trampoline artist. Something like that."

  2. There are interns???

  3. Never have I wished more to be a red (pause) head.

  4. someone has to feed The Duck and the new alpaca herd.


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