Friday, July 26, 2013

Dr. Amelia With a Little Collegial Smackdown.


I realize that you missed our last two curriculum development meetings for this new program. And I even acknowledge that you bring a valuable perspective we may be missing. We even missed you. Seriously.

But does your attempt to introduce your point of view (which, again, I do actually value) have to include the introductory 5-minute soliloquy on the lameness of the lesson plan I contributed? Because, you see, you ranted about how everything in hamster fur weaving focuses on the aesthetics of the fur, not the technical aspects.

Because, you see, my lesson plan DOES deal with the technical aspects. Right there, in part two. See? With the heading Technical Aspects of This Fur.

I guess it's easier to criticize other people's work than it is to actually read it.

Dr. Amelia


  1. Indeed. This is one of the easier offenses to spot. It's also one I was especially guilty of earlier in my career. But, these days, I tend to be one that sits quietly through meetings and occasionally texts to someone else in the room, "Mr. Goddamned Important should RTFM or STFU ;-)" and that someone else smiles back because he remembers me being the same way.

  2. Replies
    1. He's also a classic mansplainer.

      Sweet cupcake of a rant, Dr. Amelia!


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