Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CM Image Dump.

One of the most common jobs for mods (Cal, mostly) is adding poorly imagined and crappily realized graphics to posts that go online without one.

To that end, here is a dump of common CM images that you are free to download to your own hard drive or desktop to use when the need arises.


For Big Thirsty questions,
only asked on Thursday!

For vacant student posts.

For old school style smackdowns!

Fairly obvious uses.

Generic snowflake.

Aren't we all?

For email misery.

Student texting.

When parents "help."


When misunderstandings rule.

For your special student.

All purpose.

For crybabies.

For institutional misery.


When swearing isn't an option.

Generic dismay.


All purpose.

Suck it.

The early Thirsty, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

When sharing snowflake email.


  1. Thanks. I'll use this. And thanks, Cal, for always picking up my slack in the image department.


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