Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Professional" Societies Or Academics in Repose. AKA Dr. Amelia Knows What You're Doing.

Dear Dr. Colleague,

Thank you for running for office in our little area of the Hamster Fur Research Society of America. The Technical Properties of Baskets Group could have really benefitted from your leadership.

However, I have noticed that for the last 3 years that you have been in the group leadership track, you have managed to miss out on every opportunity to do actual work. You know, the Group annual report to the society that you had all the other officers write for you. The last 3 years of planning meetings for which you seemed to always have a last-minute excuse and need someone to cover for you. And this year, when you announced you weren't going to make it, yet again, so could I just "fill in" for you.

I know you are looking for a career move, and that leadership in the society looks good on your resumé. But you can be sure that whenever anyone mentions you this year, I'll give them a sweet, blank look. "Dr. Colleague? I don't know that much about him. I never got to see him that much."

Dr. Amelia


  1. General rule: Anyone who wants to be in charge is not to be trusted.

  2. I can't agree more with what Walter just said.

  3. My last department head used his position to enhance his position at the institution. Within 6 months of taking the job, he was away for 2 years on leave, working for the senior administration and doing his share of butt-kissing. The assistant head filled in and not a lot got done, thereby ensuring that the department was in a shambles when those 2 years were over.

    It wasn't much better when the DH came back. It seemed like he wasn't around half of the time as he was busy working on his pet projects.

  4. I wish our blog had a Facebook type "like" function for posts. EMH's post above is an absolute classic. I wish Strelli could take quite a few people in my life out!

  5. Hey, what happened to the little like, love, whatever checkboxes? Was I hallucinating again? Who's in charge around here anyway?


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