Monday, August 19, 2013


I received a revelation at a conference this summer.  This is not the usual conference revelation, like
"Hmm, I'll have to get up earlier of I want some of the free coffee."  No, this is a real live honest revelation that if I had received it 2000 years ago, it would be in the Book of Ben.

It will affect us all so you should pay attention.  I was passed out from heat and inebriation caused by getting drunk then relaxing in the hotel sauna.   When I awoke, all I could remember was:

Our students will behave themselves in class on a day if and when the number of page views of College Misery is a prime number and that day's date is also composed of prime numbers.

That means that the date will have to be something like 11 - 3 - 2017.  You'll have to be patient since the next prime number year is 2017 but by that time we should have 10,619,863 page views.

Since I'm more of a "big idea" guy and don't like to get bogged down in details, I'll leave it up to the moderators to attract the correct number of viewers on the right day.  (What else do they have to do with their time?)

I just hope that the coming Day of Good Behavior is not a weekend or during the summer.  That would suck.


  1. @Beaker: Did you break into my medicine cabinet again? You are well-equipped to make these chemicals in your lab, but instead you steal from somebody who has to give his hard-earned money to sketchy dealers. Just please stay down in the fuzzy chair in the basement of the compound until you feel better, ok?

    1. What can I say? The new season of Breaking Bad started. We all try to emulate our heroes.


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