Friday, August 16, 2013

Student Email

I just got this email from a student. Word for word, unchanged, unedited:

"They chop off the end of a green coconut, and pour on the juice of french brandy and other adjuncts"

No greeting, no salutation, no context. I assume this was a spam (?) but I had to share. It seems so... profound.


  1. no wonder our adjuncts are always so.....sticky

  2. Is it a literary reference to something? A recipe?

  3. The Google coughed up a link to The Phonograph and the Graft, by O.Henry:

    Specifically to this passage:

    They chop off the end of a green coconut,
    and pour in on the juice of it French brandy and other adjuvants.

    Um .....

  4. Maybe the spam bot didn't recognize the word "adjuvants"? Ha. There was a link as well, but of course I didn't click on it.

  5. You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up (x3)
    I said "Prof-fess-ahhhh, is there nothing I can take,"
    I said "Prof-fessss-ahhhh, to relieve this belly ache!"

    You're welcome.

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