Sunday, September 22, 2013

But the Google is so much easier... A playlet.

Act: Whatever,
Scene: I've lost count

Enter Three Bros.  They do not notice Rosencrantz and/or Guildenstern concealed behind an arras.

Bros (all at once): Dude, Sup?, Hey et cetera

First Bro: Hey, you guys waiting for Hamster Husbandry lab?

Second Bro: Nah, we got that Thursday.

Third Bro: You tried that pre-lab quiz yet?

First Bro: Yeah, you do it online before you go.  It's not too bad.

R/G (aside): Indeed young page, it is but a trifle to ensure you read your lab manual and come to lab prepared.  'Tis nothing to be feared.

Second Bro: Like, what'd it ask?

First Bro: It was almost, like, chemistry sort of. There was one question that was, like, "Is hamster fur made of keratin or chitin?" 

Third Bro: What'd you put?

First Bro: I said keratin.

R/G (aside): Well done gentle squire.  Verily, the fur of mammals is indeed formed from strands of the finest keratin. 

Second Bro: So, like, why do we gotta know that?

R/G (aside): Err...  That thou mayst take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered forth in this week's laboratory session, which sooth doth focus on the properties of hamster fur.  Saucy knave!

First Bro: Dunno, but my advice is to, like, have your google browser open in another window.  Then it's pretty quick to find the answer and enter it into the web quiz.

R/G (aside): Or thou coulds't but read the fucking manual!  Arrant lout.

Exeunt to sound of R/G gently weeping for the state of higher education.


  1. Is this a Lab Manual you had to write? How frustrating. I wonder if Google would pay me to use my lab manuals.

  2. I thinketh you could have shoveth "like" more often in the Three Bros' dialogue, and still laketh the frequencyth of "like" in contemporary adolescent speakething.

  3. Lay on, MacR/G, and damned be him who cries enough! (Is this a snowflake I see before me?)


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