Friday, September 20, 2013

Fab Gets the Mail...

We get an increasing number of emails from online sources trying to get us to feature their own articles, which are usually packed with ads and so on. These sources are usually tangentially connected to higher education, but not always.

Usually they come address to a person's name who recently posted on CM. For example, "Kimmie" got an email this morning from a website that features "how to" craft projects. They "loved" her recent post and thought that her blog would be a great fit for one of their articles.

Here's part of it:

Items that should go into the perfect student care package include:
Baked Goods – Nothing reminds college students of home more than homemade treats.  And unless they live in a sorority house, chances that students have had anything homemade since the first day of class are slim.  Pack some chocolate chip cookies in disposable Tupperware and stick them in the package for an extremely happy student.  Plus, sharing goodies with dorm-mates is a great way for students to meet people.
Non-Perishable Snacks - College students love food, so even if you packed baked goods, including more food is never a bad thing.  Choose fun snacks that especially appeal to college students: flavored chips, beef jerky, and candy are just a few ideas.  Look for brands that have especially exciting names, like “monster meat sticks,” or snacks with strange flavor combinations.  These kinds of snacks are definitely more interesting to unpack than plain old potato chips.
Money or Gift Card - This is the number one thing college students look for in a care package.  Including this can either make or break a care package’s success rate, so make sure to include at least a dollar.  College students are generally broke, so literally any amount of money will be appreciated.  Gift cards are another option for parents who don’t feel comfortable sending cash, and students will be just as grateful.
Card or Note – A cute card or note lets students know they’re missed.  A funny note or story can brighten up their day and is a welcome interruption from homework.  And remember, the best care package cards are the ones that contain cash.
Pet Picture ­-No offense to parents, but college students have been known to miss their pets more than other family members.  Include a picture of the family pet if you have one—students love to bond over missing their pets.
Funny Gag Gifts - Sending students cheap, funny products from pharmacies, such as cartoon character toothpaste or a racecar toothbrush, is sure to bring a laugh.  If a holiday is coming up, consider sending a silly gift like holiday slippers.
Hometown Reminders - Clip out an amusing story from your local newspaper and add it into your package.  Senses of hometown pride grow exponentially in college, so students love reminders of home that will enable them to talk about where they come from.


  1. Cal, that's a great graphic. I can just see you, beaming, in your suit {?}, picking up the official Misery Mail. It all seems so real now. Is that Utah in the background? Looks more like Flint.

    1. I, too, love love love the graphic.

      Cal rocks.

      As does Fab.

      As does, (did) ... (does) Leslie and all the other RGMs.

  2. "Monster meat sticks?"

    Higher education is a monster meat stick.

  3. I'd love to read all the mail, but just for one day.

  4. By coincidence, I once caught a student in class watching a video about college students, a sorority house and monster meat sticks. I asked him to turn it off before it was revealed whether the "care package" included any pet-related items.

  5. Please tell me that email for Greta is finding its way to the CM inbox...and that it's for penis enlargement...

  6. I've got something for parents to put in that care package: A STAPLER!

    1. Charlotte Anne...don't even go there!

    2. Almost spit out my coffee because of that. If you friend your students' parents on FB, you can suggest that.

  7. Don't forget spare pharmaceuticals: Timmy's been taking yours since grade 10.


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