Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Google’s Boss and a Princeton Professor Agree: College Is a Dinosaur. From Bloomberg.

Colleges and universities are indecisive, slow-moving, and vulnerable to losing their best teachers to the Internet.

That’s the shared view of Google (GOOG) Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former Department of State official and until this month a tenured professor at Princeton University. They explored the problems of higher education on Friday in a one-on-one conversation sponsored by the New America Foundation, where Schmidt serves as chairman and Slaughter is the new president.

Colleges have the luxury of thorough, democratic deliberation of issues because “they never actually do anything,” Schmidt said during the event. He cited Princeton, where he graduated in 1976 and once served as trustee, which spent six years deliberating over whether to change its academic calendar—and in the end did nothing. “Don’t get me started on that,” Slaughter laughed.



  1. I've heard that MOOCs will put lots of instructors out of work because the best instructor will make videos and everybody will learn from them. The idea that MOOCs would steal good faculty away is a new one. The Khan academy would have to pay us something first, right?

  2. ....And Google collapses in six months because it's a giant "match king"-style front. The colleges will still be there.

  3. You know what, Google? F**k off. I will work for the internet only to avoid starvation. Ironically, I have to use a Google account to post this.

  4. That the "best teachers" are moving to the Internet: sounds totally plausible, you guys. Someone who runs a web company said it, so I sure believe it!

  5. This is such an accurate description of education though: takes 6 months to 5 years to approve or change something, and in the end nothing happens.

    It's bull shit.

  6. Free free free/give away free free free.

    professor spend lifetime learning, but professors cannot take knowledge/information to the cemetary....

    Free free free/No one can books to the cemetary..

    No professor can escape the cemetary. give away free free free to all....


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