Thursday, September 19, 2013

If It's Thursday, I Must Be All Tingled Out.

I follow
Hiram's lead,

and take my leave
from this space.

We all tingle;
we are all baffled.

We fight and fuss
and get fucked.

Our world,
did we choose it?

Do we make it,
or does it make us?

One must wrestle it all,
that is sure.

But should proffies
have opponents?


  1. I sincerely hope that bowing out of a regular column doesn't mean bowing out from the CM community.

  2. I'll be around,
    Time to time,
    Kicking ass,
    Busting rhyme.

  3. Yes, proffies should have opponents. Their names are Ignorance and Want. Beware them both, especially Ignorance. OK, I confess, I stole this from Dickens, but how could I resist?

  4. I'll tell you, Dick, and I think I can call you that.

    It shouldn't be so hard. I don't know why the academic life is so hard. There are all these blocks that get in our way of simply doing what is such an important job.

  5. Better to tingle out than to fade away.
    Survive to tingle another day.

  6. Sorry to the regular column go, but thanks for the regularly-scheduled tingles. Please do come back and tingle, on an intermittent basis, when so moved.

    As far as the question goes, I don't know if proffies should have opponents. Personally, I think our mindset is far too opponent/competition-based. But I'm not sure what to do about that, especially since the evolving structure of the universities seems to increasingly pit proffies against administrators, and (worse) each other.

  7. I will miss your Thursday poetry, but will always enjoy reading whenever and whatever you choose to share here.

    1. Me too.

      "We all tingle; / We are all baffled."

  8. I love your poetry. Its absence will make me sad--but I do understand.


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