Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No Points For You.

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Fred Flake,

Thank you sending in your 1-page paper 2 hours late. Thank you for e-mailing it to me, since it was late and I set up the LMS to not accept it after the deadline. Thank for telling me that you have poor time management skills. I always enjoy a good mea culpa, and therefore, I will write you a few comments to tell you how you would have done on the paper. This one time. However, no points for you!


Frieda Flake,

Thank you for the explanation of how you didn't understand that papers you turn in, in college need to use a formal writing style. Thank you for the assertion that you will do better in the future and the suggestion that I could be more fair by not "judging the first paper so harshly." I'll take that under advisement. In the meantime, no points for you!


F. F. Flake,

Thank you for the charming personal essay about why your parents decided to homeschool you that you turned in, in place of the assignment that was due. I can't say I hated reading it - it was even a little funny. However, it was not a paper on the role of hamster fur in the Argentinian garment industry that I asked for. So, although it was ok for what it was, no points for you!

Also, sweet children, that first paper was worth less than 1 point out of the 100 in your final grade. Math. You should look into it before you press send.

Dr. Amelia


  1. Directions are their friends. I'm having a spate of students who managed to complete the first, introductory, Discussion Board post with no problem, but are utterly puzzled by what to do for the second post (for which they would find detailed instructions if they clicked on the prompt for said post, which is just under the prompt for Post 1, which worked exactly the same way).

    And then there's the guy who seems extraordinarily puzzled by the fact that each post in my class has its own, unique instructions, rather than just being a "reflection" on the reading, as was apparently the case in his last class that used the Discussion Board. Apparently we proffies need to get together and standardize our approaches, to avoid confusing the poor dears.

    And yes, math (especially the concept of how a few-point assignment relates to the final grade) is definitely a problem.

  2. Oh, the dreaded first-week assignment when everyone tests you out to see how mean you can be. My ire (whatever that is) was raised just by reading this. I need some serious relaxing between now and next week when our quarter begins because I don't think I will be as nice as you on Week One.


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