Monday, September 30, 2013

The Job Hunting Snowflake. A CM Playlet.

Flake: I desperately need your help!

DK: I was just leaving since its 5pm on Friday ...What can I do for you?

Flake: I graduated last semester but I can't find a job in Hamsterology!!!

DK: Oh dear! How come you came to see me? I don't remember you from my Advanced Hamsterology class last semester...were you in my large Intro to Hamsters class?

Flake: Oh no, I've never taken a class in Hamsterology! I was a Basketweaving major.

DK: Why not apply for some jobs in Basketweaving?

Flake: Because I want a job as a Hamster expert!!!

DK: Ok, then why not take an extra semester of classes to get a certificate in Hamsterology?

Flake: Because I want a job as a Hamster expert NOW! WHHHYYYY don't you understand?

DK: Sorry I've got an appointment off-campus [with a stiff drink]

Flake: So will you give me a reference?


  1. There must be something in the water where you teach.

  2. It is your sacred duty to give a truthful reference. You need to protect all these hamsters.

  3. I don't understand what the problem is. I was told a college degree would allow me to get any job I wanted! So what's the deal now?!!

    Hope the stiff drink was enough!

  4. The final act of the playlet needs to include the Flake's angry threats of retribution when you hesitate to provide the Letter of Reference, and the Dean's demands that you produce a glowing letter forthwith!

  5. Mods, I love what you did with my post- thanks so much.

    1. I'm starting to warm up to the too busy and too dark background. Damn the mods.


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