Saturday, September 7, 2013


blurred screenshot courtesy of the
Northwest Missourian
Do you need us to raise bail? What were you thinking saying this sort of stuff non-pseudonymously?  Really, man, there's a line.

Also, did you move the compound to Missouri without telling the rest of us?  Maybe you didn't want to share?

[Thanks to University Diaries for the link.  Also, for the record, I realize that this was a really stupid thing to do, and that the university, and the local police, had to take it seriously.  There's a difference between creating a hyperbolic character on a pseudonymous blog and posting this kind of stuff on facebook, or saying it in person, given the ongoing reality of campus shootings. As the student-paper editorial that apparently set the investigation in motion says, "this is a joke you just don't make."  According to the second article -- presumably written by someone googling about for a source, any source -- Rouch had "relatively high ratings" on The Site That Shall Not Be Named.  Maybe he should have come here and blown off steam instead?]


  1. If this is indeed Strel, you are outing him. Which is questionable at best.

    If it's just someone that stole Strelly's prose, then being arrested for terroristic threats is the least of that guy's problems.

    1. I seem to remember Strel has hinted at a different specialty, or at least location (in conjunction with a CM meetup; I assume he was either in town for the professional association convention mentioned, or lives in or near that town, which is nowhere near Missouri). Also, I'm pretty sure he's got a better grip on what one can say to which audience/in what context than this guy. Finally, I'm no expert in this area, but the choice of weaponry seems rather prosaic in comparison to Strelnikov's usual selections.

      In other words, I wouldn't have posted it if I weren't pretty sure that Rouch =/= Strelnikov. But I was amused by the coincidence (and also a bit worried that Rouch had been reading here and lost track of what one can say where -- but really, that's on him, and, as Margaret Soltan points out, he's a Communicaitons professor forgoodnesssake. Whether or not he's a threat -- and I'd guess not -- he's incompetent in his field, or at least was having a really bad day, professionally as well as personally).

  2. Can no one take a joke anymore? If the post read that he would come in with a flame thrower and burn everyone down, ala Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman" would anyone take that as a serious threat? Where online can one purchase a flame thrower, or, a Gatling gun?


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