Friday, September 6, 2013

Today's VidShizzle. Professor Fakeout.

The University of Rochester's merry prankster troupe The Chamber Boys sent their agent Patrick to play the ol' "fake professor" gag on a bunch of freshmen — and he aced it.

Walking into Chem 131 a few minutes before the real professor, Dr. Benjamin Hafensteiner, Patrick assumed the role of Professor of the Year in the Natural Sciences, and proceeded to dash the hopes and dreams of UR's class of 2017 as they were just in the process of forming them.

He also gets them to put away their laptops and cellphones, a feat of which the real Dr. Hafensteiner might to take note.

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  1. He sounded pretty reasonable to me. I've often wondered how many of my students who identify themselves as pre-meds actually have any chance of getting into med school. I have no idea of what the answer is (which may be just as well). However, if I knew the number/proportion was low, I don't think I'd start my class by telling them. They're plenty grade-obsessed already, and that doesn't make my teaching any easier. Maybe if I were teaching a class with clearer right and wrong answers that tactic would pay off.

  2. Most of the people in my classes are not pre-med. And I certainly don't tell them that less than half of them statistically are going to get through the class with a C (which is true), but I do tell them to put their electronics away. And keep them away.

    Sadly, for my students anyway, there is no "real" Stella to come in and rescue them.

    Only me.

    1. Good for you, Stella. One of the worst grade-grubbing weasels I ever had was admitted to medical school. If he becomes a physician, his sloppiness and irresponsibility are going to kill lots of people and cause untold human suffering, and I COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM. He was one point away from getting a C in my physics class, and I made the unconscionable mistake of feeling sorry for him. His behavior in subsequent classes made me realize my mistake, to my increasing HORROR. Here's hoping that you give them hell better than I do.

      By the way, the figure Cassandra wants is: about 1 in 3 freshpersons who begin college as pre-meds are eventually admitted to medical school.

  3. In junior college, I was one of a classroom full of freshman that got pranked by a classmate during freshman orientation. One of the freshman claimed to be our academic advisor (after getting quite bored because the real advisor was running late) and started going row by row asking names and majors. We told her. Like ignorant sheep we told her ... at least until the real advisor came in and acted rather puzzled. Our merry prankster nonchalantly stood up and went to an empty seat, like nothing happened.

  4. I invented a fake student who would turn in mediocrely done homework and flubbed tests when I could get my hands on an extra copy.

  5. I've had students think I'm pranking them by pretending to be the professor. Sadly, for them, I wasn't pranking anyone.


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