Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aussie Allen Shares a Limerick.

and for God's sake
don't use a cute photo
of a koala or a roo
for my graphic!
Saw your g'day the other day. Thanks for noticing. A mate sent me a link to your page and I've been enjoying reading up.

Since you've set aside a whole day for "others," I thought I'd share a limerick I remember from school.

There once was a proffie from Perth,
whose bottom required great berth.
One day just like thunder,
Air roared out of down under,
And her students weren't long for this earth.

There are many far worse. Enjoy your day!


  1. Dirty limericks! I remember them from being a kid. Farting is funny, no matter where it happens.

  2. I heard limerick and assumed it'd be a lot dirtier...haha.

    This was cute.

    Was the original limerick word "proffie?" No way. Is proffie used in other countries? I assumed that Cal or Fab made it up.

    1. I like both the limerick, and Darla's lexicographic question. And I'll add a science one: do larger posteriors necessarily produce larger amounts of gas? It's one of those things that seems logical, until you think about the actual anatomical parts involved. I'm not sure there's any reason for there to be a correlation.

      Also, what in the world *is* that thing in the photograph? It looks like a camel around the nose and eyes, but the rest looks like -- a wombat? a kangaroo?

  3. And I'd love to hear more about how the Aussie higher ed system functions (and/or dysfunctions).

  4. Replies
    1. It seems to have huge feet. And you know what they say about kangaroos and big feet.

    2. And how many hours is it ahead in Australia? I just sold a rare guitar to a guy in Brisbane and have to confirm shipping. Does Allen know him?

    3. What kind of guitar?

    4. It's 1:38 am TOMORROW in Brisbane. Of course if he's buying guitars he'll be at a gig, opening up for Men at Work.

    5. Hiram, it's a 62 Fender Jaguar. It's beat to hell but still lovely.

  5. This is the only limerick I know about educational matters (I had to Google it):

    Said an ape as he swung by his tail,
    To his offspring both female and male,
    "From your offspring, my dears,
    In a couple of years,
    May evolve a professor at Yale.

  6. There once was a proffie named Yaro,
    with the song and the ease of a sparrow.
    He took for a wife,
    one who bettered his life.
    Said he, "She's the wheel to my barrow."

    stole the last line from an old Yaro post...


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