Monday, October 21, 2013


We've seen a real uptick in visitors from New Zealand and Australia recently. Welcome.

I'm sure I've done something culturally offensive using the "G'day" title. But we're glad you're here regardless. We'd welcome some Aussie / Kiwi posts about the academic misery "down under." I probably used that incorrectly, too, didn't I? We may need an ambassador of foreign relations if I keep typing.


  1. Don't beat yourself up. At least you didn't make any shrimp on the barbie reference!

  2. Is the misery the same? I sure hope not. I've been looking for somewhere to move to escape from this!

  3. A dingo ate my homework!

    1. Dammit. That's the joke I wanted to make!!

  4. Academic Misery? That's an odd name. I'd have called it academic chazzwozzing!

  5. The misery is both the same, and yet different for us in Far Flung Former Colonies (i.e. Australia and NZ). Compared to the USA, UG lectures are much larger, and the proportion of international students and hence second-language speakers is greater. Gradflakes do not take classes but are mentored one on one by their PhD supervisors. We dont have a large proportion of adjuncts and those that we do have are treated better. But demanding UGs, silly gradflakes, entitled silverbacks, and money-chasing adminflakes still torment us.

  6. I hope the wildfires in your neck of the woods are getting under control!


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