Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To All the "Others!" Tomorrow is Your Day. We Welcome Your Posts and Comments on Tuesday, All Day!

Hey, we've had a nice response to our recent conversations about "the others."

So on Tuesday 10/22 we welcome all of your posts and comments. There's no need to register as a correspondent. Anyone with a Google account can comment already.

But if you want to post some of your own academic misery, just send your email direct to the mods and we'll put it up. Guaranteed "insider" status! Tomorrow!!!

We're very gently asking our regulars not to post on Tuesday. Fill up the comments as usual, but we've started collecting posts from a bunch of new folks, and we'd like to offer them the whole day. Back to the normal madness on Wednesday.

PS: We're rolling out at least 7 new "others" posts tomorrow, 2 I wrote, 3 by Hiram, and 2 by Ben. (Part of that sentence is an inside joke. But tomorrow we're all insiders, so leave it at that.)


  1. I looking forward to it!

  2. No pressure or anything to make the non-posting community members now perform. :) No, I'm excited by this.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too.

      I hate to ask the mods to work even harder, but I hope they'll stay extra vigilant for trolls targeting the new meat.

    2. I, too, love the header (and am delighted to see some new commenters, but no trolls -- which may just mean that someone is working overtime behind the scenes with the delete key. If so, thank you!).

  4. I love today with the silent community members no longer silenced. I wish I had more time to read today's posts, though.


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