Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Baffled That I Did Not Know I Had a Cool Dean...

I drove one of our deans to Cincinnati today for a meeting on "administrative bloat" that some state colleagues were having as part of their own faculty symposium.

She's always been nice, and she came from the faculty. We had a funny conversation on the way there and a good day and a good lunch.

Driving back we listened to some music, and I dialed up my copy of PhD Blues by Cal.

This part played:
I've got my post-tenure review,
this afternoon with the Dean.
I'm going to skip it and go out golfing.
I'm going to smoke a little weed....
My Dean smiled and said, "It's after the post-tenure review when I smoke a little weed."

Who's cooler than her?


  1. Hiram, I name check you in my post tomorrow... I'll wait for your answer.

    What happened to the redesign. I liked it. I didn't write, but I liked it. I liked the Ogden weather thing. That was so inside.

    Deans are odd. We have a boatful of Deans, and some are truly great. Some are like robots. The ones I work with smell of after shave, coffee, and burnt money.

    1. Because you have to scroll up from the bottom here on the comments page, I read this as "Blunt money" before I saw Kimmie's post.

      Heh. "Blunt money."

  2. YAY! A nice administrator. Doesn't it make you just want to give her a hug/ May she continue to be cool where it really matters.


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